Petra Partners has, for many years, specialized in both global macro and fixed income strategies in order to generate consistent, risk-adjusted returns with an unmitigated emphasis on minimizing both risk and volatility.

The search for scalable, sustainable yield – especially in the wake of the Great Recession and unprecedented central bank manipulation of multiple markets and asset classes – led Petra Partners to peer-to-peer or marketplace lending.

Utilizing deep, fundamental credit analysis and, where plausible, its proprietary, artificial intelligence-based loan identification and purchasing platform, Petra Credit Fund I, LP (the "Fund") invests in consumer loans, small business credits with an emphasis on impact investing (minority and/or woman-owned businesses or those located in areas in need of economic development) as well as short duration business advances. This approach gives institutional investors tremendous latitude in terms of how to access this fast-moving market, while providing the comfort that an actively managed portfolio highly attuned to risk can offer.